Ricarda Mieth
Ricarda Mieth - Ansichten

Ansichten [views]


ricarda mieth[s]kerstin gottschalk
Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund
"the other side - artists and physics"

interactive roominstallation
acrylic on canvas, hinges, electromagnets, transformer

Ricarda Mieth - Ansichten Ricarda Mieth - Ansichten Ricarda Mieth - Ansichten Ricarda Mieth - Ansichten
The installation "Ansichten" (Views) is a collaboration. Paintings by Kerstin Gottschalk in varying intervals come off their electromagnetic fixture and following gravity fall down head over heals against the wall thus generating an impact sound differing according to the size of the picture. In this position the pictures, instead of the painting, disclose the unpainted back and the fixing techniques - before they are put back into their original position by the observer.

This work is shaped like a test structure into which the observer is supposed to interfere.
Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund