Ricarda Mieth
Ricarda Mieth - Durchgang

untitled (Passway)


walkable room installation

Berlin, Förderpreis der EADS

Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund
"the other side - artists and physic"

A room bounded by two parallel panels
forms a passage. The floor of the room
is magnetic. Ideally, I will hover over
the floor in magnetic shoes.
Putting down my feet becomes a disturbing
act of uncertainty.

Ricarda Mieth - Durchgang
The Installation invites us to carry out a self-experiment: What will happen when I step onto the magnetic floor of the passageway with the provided magnetic shoes? Will I float or be stuck to the ground or will the experiment create a state of instability? In this work gravity and magnetism are combined with human curiosity which is the basis for scientific research.
The passageway which blocks the sight to our left and right can be viewed as symbol for the scientific attempt to focus only on the essential features of a phenomenon. Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund