Ricarda Mieth
Ricarda Mieth - Off Space jwd

OFF SPACE j.w.d.


public art project
temoprary Installation at the Hexagonal Building
in Francistown, Botswana

The Supa-Ngwao Museum Centre Francistown had introduced Berlin-based artist Ricarda Mieth and initiated an open discussion with local artists about the potentials of an alternative artist-run artspace in Francistown as a local platform dedicated to contemporary art.

Ricarda Mieth occupied the Hexagonal Building near the Museum Centre and turned this charming historical ruin together with local artists into an experimental OFF SPACE.

The neglected space already appeared to be a somehow forgotten pavilion. Rebuilding a veranda out of 27 old pallets all around the building physically set up the platform for this OFF SPACE.


Ricarda Mieth - Off Space jwd Ricarda Mieth - Off Space jwd
The Hexagonal Building in Francistown is considered a historical building jet a neglected space in town. Doctor Morgan built this building in the 1920th in need of a guesthouse. Later it was used as a dispensary. The charming little pavilion has been empty and dirty since years.

Berlin galleries, conceived as "Off Spaces" are open spaces, places where anything can happen: meetings, ideas, collaborations and innovation. In Berlin, the non-commercial, non-publicly funded exhibition spaces for art are plentiful and constitute an important part of the art scene.

"j.w.d." is Berlin slang, an acronym for a place miles from anywhere, since this OFF SPACE is 8,316 kilometres apart from Berlin, as the crow flies.

Ricarda Mieth - Off Space jwd Ricarda Mieth - Off Space jwd
"Three sheets to the wind"
A sound installation made of found material

Collaboration between Ricarda Mieth from Berlin and Sandy Green, Crawford Mandumbwa, Katlaareng Mogale, Michael Mooki, Cyril Ndolo and Galethabe Olemogeng from Francistown