Ricarda Mieth
Ricarda Mieth - Skript


2024 (in progress)

permanent installation
Salinarium, Bad Dürkheim
public art programme

The installation WELLENGANG lends color and identity to the 30 m long glass corridor between the changing area and the new thermal spa.

The atmospheric color gradient along the exterior glass façade and the wall surfaces above and below the interior glass façade cites the emission and absorption spectrum of cesium. The specific spectral lines, translated into glass strips and mosaic glass tiles, range from red to purple (740 - 380 nm).

The element cesium was discovered in the Max spring in Dürkheim in 1860 and detected for the first time by Spectral analysis. The artistic design picks up on the historical reference and features the bright passageway.

Ricarda Mieth - Wellengang Ricarda Mieth - Wellengang