Ricarda Mieth
Ricarda Mieth - Imago mundi

Imago mundi


permanent installation
Kunst am Bau public art programme
Treptow District Library, Berlin

Literature transports the reader to fantastic destinations. Intricately detailed maps allow us to locate many of these places.

The criss-crossing chords of a portolan chart are inscribed on the ground in the reading courtyard, whilst the outlines of islands are dotted across the windows opening onto this space. Looking through the panes, these schematically sketched isles are overlaid upon the mesh of lines on the ground. The map serves as an underpinning, a patterning that unleashes our imagination.

Ricarda Mieth - Imago mundi
These spatial superpositions allow cartography here in a sense to evade the familiar yardsticks that define maps, for, landmarks normally fixed in place become dislocated as viewers move around. From each new perspective, the lay of the land undergoes a permutation.

The island as a clearly demarcated piece of land: Atlantis, Avalon, Lilliput, Morrowland, Neverland, Númenor, Tlön, Thule, Utopia, ...

Its limited frame turns the isle into a theatrical space: this frame almost inevitably transforms everything that happens within it into a story, an intimate drama in an unspecified setting, into the stuff that dreams are made on.

Ricarda Mieth - Imago mundi Ricarda Mieth - Imago mundi Ricarda Mieth - Imago mundi Ricarda Mieth - Imago mundi