Ricarda Mieth
Ricarda Mieth - Bad Fuerstenberg

Bad Fürstenberg


draft for a permanent installation
in the former town's resort administration
Fürstenberg/Havel, Germany

1st price, art competition

"Bad Fürstenberg" is an installation that showes with simple means the interaction between illusion and refection.
The word "Bad" means in German as much as spa, bath and swimmingpool. There only seems to be water involved, the depths of the pool is an optical illusion and calling Fürstenberg officially a spa is pur fiction. Although it used to be a health resort.


Ricarda Mieth - Bad Fuerstenberg Ricarda Mieth - Bad Fuerstenberg Ricarda Mieth - Bad Fuerstenberg
Large windows give insight into the space of the past resort administration. Above the entrance is written "Bad Fürstenberg" in black letters.

The virtual swimmingpool inside the building appears through a ceiling marked with black lines, a tiled rear wall and a reflecting ground floor out of blue-tinted glass.

The mirror image of the interior is what creates the illusion of a deep pool, to be seen from outside the windows
Gebäudeansicht2013 Kurverwaltung1939
present-day view of the building 2013
the town's resort administration 1939
Ricarda Mieth - Bad Fuerstenberg
The website www.badfuerstenberg.de shall become a pool for art works and literature related to Fürstenberg, for reflecting in different ways the present image as well as the controversial history of that small town north of Berlin next to the beautiful Mecklenburg lake district.